New Hire Performance Evaluations (Probationary Period)


Over the next year, 人力资源 will be implementing a new talent management system that will contain a Performance module. 今年的计划不一样, 而不是启动一个Docusign表单, employees will be asked to submit their goals and competencies in the new system, 一旦可用. For the time being, employees and managers should establish their plans and have a personal record of the set goals and competencies until they can be formally entered into the new system. Please reference the 绩效管理 Quick Guides for assistance with setting goals and competencies.

Below is the timeline for the required key actions:

Key Actions and Dates

Date Action
September 30, 2022 目标设定完成
  • Employee and Supervisor set goals and competencies
2023年2月 目标/能力输入系统
  • 员工 will enter their established goals and competencies in new system
August–April 30, 2023 持续的训练 & 反馈
  • 员工朝着目标努力
  • 主管管理非正式签到
2023年5月31日 自我评估完成
  • Employee completes self-evaluation of set goals and competencies
2023年6月28日 主管评估完成
  • Supervisor completes evaluation and discusses with employee
2023年7月15日 Supervisor Review with Employee Completed
  • Supervisor acknowledges review meeting and completes documentation
2023年7月31日 Evaluation Completed
  • Employee acknowledges completion of review


If you have any questions about this communication or process, please contact 人力资源 at (740) 351-3420 or