肖尼 State is here for you every step of the way.

How can I prepare my child for the next step?

不管你是否意识到, you develop a strong foundation for educational success from the first day of your child's life.

给孩子读书. 和他们交谈. 帮助他们探索周围的世界.

We're here to help by providing extra activities designed to help your child learn in fun ways.

Do youth programs really make a difference?

绝对. Youth programs make a big difference in helping your student develop socially, 在情感上, 和学术.

Studies have shown that children who are given positive opportunities to explore and develop their skills experience a more successful transition into adulthood.

So, while a summer camp may appear to be all fun and games, your child is developing skills that will last a lifetime.

When is it too late for my student to get ready for college success?

实现你的目标永远不会太迟. You may need to take a different path toward a college degree, but it can be done — and has been done by many before you.

肖尼 State can help get you ready through our many academic support services.