SSU students and representatives from Stanley Electric
2018 Presentation of Stanley Donation

赤柱电机.S. is part of a global group of companies owned and controlled by Stanley Electric Ltd, which was founded on December 29, 1920年5月5日成立, 1933. 赤柱电气有限公司. is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

The consolidated sales for the Stanley World-wide network exceeded $3.5 billion for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2016. With more than 60 global partner companies and over 15,000 employees, Stanley Electric is a leader in the automotive-equipment industry by developing cutting-edge products for use in automobiles.

Stanley Electric is highly specialized in the design and production of lighting equipment, accessories, 以及电子元件. Together through their dedication toward excellence and highest quality achievable, the Stanley group strives toward “Outshining Light,他们的企业座右铭.

Founded in 1981, 赤柱电机.S. opened its doors in the picturesque city of London, Ohio. For more than 30 years, 赤柱电机.S. has continually challenged the automotive lighting industry by creating innovative, modern, 时尚的产品. Their founder’s hope and dream of brightening the world with auto lamps drives their team to be the best in the industry. Their commitment to safety and our passion for quality is what makes 赤柱电机.S. shine.

Stanley has been a great industrial partner to SSU’s Plastic Program. 他们赚了25美元,000 gift to the program for scholarships and for the program to purchase equipment.

Stanley employs our students as interns and full-time employees.