The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is recognized as the professional degree in the arts. The BFA, and the professional portfolios developed through the program, may lead students to career opportunities in teaching; digital and interactive design; studio work; museum, gallery, 或者是企业策展人. The BFA may also offer students the opportunity to pursue advanced degrees to develop their creative and academic abilities.



All bachelor's degree students must complete the 41 semester hour 通识教育课程. The GEP prepares students for citizenry with a broad education outside of the major.


ARTS 4159 may be available for certain BFA concentrations upon approval from the Fine, Digital, 表演艺术系主席. Information is available from the department secretary or chair.


All sophomores are required to submit a minimum of eight art works of their own creation before beginning their first Junior semester at SSU for our student assessment program.


All students applying for an art major must participate in a senior gallery exhibit. Information is available from the department secretary or chair.


30 Semester Hours - Required of all BFA students

Course Title Hours
分2211 艺术史调查1 3
分2212 艺术史调查2 3
分3 xxx ARTH选修课3000以上 3
分3 xxx ARTH选修课3000以上 3
1101年艺术 二维基础 3
1103年艺术 三维基础 3
1104年艺术 创作过程 3
1105年艺术 数字基础 3
4180年艺术 高级工作室1 3
4181年艺术 高级工作室2 3


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