写作中心 Hours for Fall 2023 semester

学生 who need peer tutoring are encouraged to email the 写作中心 at 肖尼 学生 should expect to remain present and engaged with their tutor through the duration of the session.

We will maintain the following hours this semester:

  • 周一:下午10点到5点
  • 星期二:下午10点2分和3点5分
  • 周三:下午10-5点
  • 星期四:下午10点到5点
  • 星期五:下午10点1分和2点5分
  • 周日:下午4点至7点(仅限网上)

Please inform your students who may need extra help with their writing assignments that we offer both in-person and online tutoring; students can drop in or schedule an appointment to receive help with their writing assignments. 学生 should arrive with specific questions and concerns about their assignments. They should also bring all relevant material to the tutoring session; this includes assignment sheets, 评估准则, 草稿, 还有课堂笔记. 
学生 who need peer tutoring at any stage of the writing process are encouraged to email us at 肖尼, or they can stop by LIB 120 to schedule a session with one of our tutors. 
Instructors who are interested in classroom visits from 写作中心 personnel can contact Brew Wilson-Battles, 写作中心主任, at


肖尼 State University 写作中心 tutors help students in all majors improve their ability to write.

We provide feedback on any kind of assignment at all phases of the writing process. We prioritize helping students learn how to tackle “bigger” concerns such as revising, 头脑风暴, 组织, and understanding an assignment although we do address punctuation, 语法, 格式和其他“较小”的问题.

We help students not only produce better writing, but also 成为更好的作家.