Petitioning to graduate is now an easy online process that can be done from anywhere that you have internet access. 只需登录你的MySSU帐户,然后在顶部选择你的学生标签. 一旦你进入你的学生页面, click on the SSU Graduation Application link on the left side of that page to start your graduation process.


Use the form on MySSU to petition to graduate for the term in which you will be completing your degree requirements. 必须为每个学位或证书提交单独的请愿书.

Upon submission, a $50 charge will be added to your student account for each degree petition. 如果你申请证书是不收费的. If you do not complete your degree requirements in the term you originally petitioned, 你将需要在你计划完成学位的下学期重复学习. The $50 charge will be added to your student account each time you need to repetition.


If you have any problems, questions, or do not have access to your MySSU account, please call (740) 351-4734选项3寻求帮助.



  • 秋天的毕业生5月1日
  • 春季毕业生11月1日
  • 夏季毕业生11月1日

There are several problems that can arise if you petition to graduate after the deadline:

  • You may be missing a class and have to attend an additional semester to complete it
  • 你的名字可能不会出现在毕业典礼上
  • You may not be able to obtain the proper regalia (cap and gown) preventing you from participating in the graduation ceremony


Please review the following checklist of pre-graduation questions that may prevent you from receiving your degree or delay the processing of your diploma upon completion of your degree.

  • 你是否会完成你的最终学位要求/课程?
    If you're not sure you should meet with your academic advisor or department chairperson to review and determine where you are with regards to completing your degree.
  • Do you need to have course substitutions/waivers submitted to complete degree requirements?
    If so, you should meet with your academic advisor or department chairperson to get those completed.
  • Do you have any holds on your account (Bursar, Library, 金融援助, 教务长, 等...) that will delay the processing of your diploma upon completion of your degree?
    If so, please work with those offices to satisfy your obligations so your hold(s) will be removed.


  • 一旦我们处理并接受了你的毕业申请, 您将收到一封电子邮件到您的SSU电子邮件地址. 
  • Your degree audit will be reviewed by the Office of the 注册商 and your academic department.  在这些评论之后, you will receive a letter detailing the results of the review and of any outstanding requirements/courses, 如果有任何, 这可能还没有完成.
  • You will receive important notifications via emails to your SSU email account regarding activities, 比如毕业典礼倒计时, 帽袍订购, 还有毕业彩排和典礼.


You will need to check MySSU account to see if there have been any holds placed on your record. 这些坚持可能有很多原因, 其中一些是停车罚单, 图书馆的罚款, 欠大学的钱,等. 毕业前这些舱位必须清理干净.


You will need to make sure you have any necessary course substitution or waivers submitted by your advisor/department chairperson. 这些课程替换/弃权, 如果需要, should be submitted as soon as possible to avoid delays in the awarding of your degree.

Taking a Class at Another University During Your Final Semester or Studying Abroad

If you are taking a class at another university during your final semester or studying abroad, you need to have your official final transcript(s) sent to 肖尼 State as soon as possible. If we do not have your final transcript from the other university, we cannot award your degree.


Final grades are due to the 注册商's Office by noon on the Tuesday following the last day of finals. 在最终成绩提交截止日期之后, the Office of the 注册商 begins reviewing and approving degrees by adding degree statements to your transcript and printing/mailing diplomas. 这个过程可能需要4-6周. Calling the 注册商's office during this time can cause delays in processing.


The reason that 肖尼 State University does not list your major and/or concentration on your diploma is because Universities are accredited to award Bachelor’s degrees (B.A. 或B.S.)只. 这就是该地区认证机构所关心的. 在传统的文科学科,如历史、生物、心理学等., the content of the area of study within that degree is entirely up to the individual college. There is usually no separate accreditation for specific subjects unless they are professional subjects that are regulated by the government and are bound by law to meet additional requirements above and beyond what the regional accrediting agency requires (for example, 护理专业响应ACEN,教师教育响应NCATE). 在这种情况下, the degree will be a named degree signifying that it meets the standards imposed by the special professional accreditation body in addition to the ones imposed by the regional accreditation body.

When you major in 生物学 at SSU, you do not have a Bachelor of Science in 生物学. 你有生物学专业的理学学士学位. Your diploma will say Bachelor of Science from The 文理学院, 因为这是我们有权授予的学位. 你的专业不是你学位头衔的一部分,也不包括在内. 在南苏大学没有生物学学士学位这样的东西.

把这个和B对比一下.S.N. 当护士获得B级时.S.N. 从南苏丹州立大学毕业,文凭上写着“护理学学士学位”.“这意味着额外的认证级别. 这并不等同于在文凭上写上专业. The nurse does not have a Bachelor of Science with a major in Nursing in the same way that a biologist has a Bachelor of Science with a major in 生物学. 相反,护士实际上拥有护理学学士学位. 这是学位的正式名称.

Your major, concentration, and minor are denoted on your official SSU transcript.


荣誉 for the graduation program are based on your cumulative GPA the semester before you graduate and entitle you to wear an Honor Cord at graduation.

Official 荣誉 denoted on your transcript and/or your diploma are based on your final cumulative GPA at the time of graduation.


以优等成绩毕业者: 3.50-3.累积绩点
优等生: 3.75-3.89年平均绩点
最优等生: 3.90-4.累计GPA


有关毕业典礼的详情,请浏览 毕业倒计时.