Sending 成绩单 to 永利app官方下载

Did you attend a state (public) university in Ohio or a community college? When ordering a transcript from your prior school, request that your transcript(s) be sent electronically. Sending paper transcripts by mail or overnight delivery will delay processing time.

对于所有其他机构, if your school offers electronic delivery, choose that option to avoid processing delays. If ordering a transcript online, select 永利app官方下载 as a recipient. In the absence of a list of universities to select, please have your transcript sent to the Office of 入学 at the address below.

If your school does not offer electronic delivery, please have your transcript(s) mailed to the respective address below:

成绩单 should not be delivered by the student or sent to other addresses on campus. Doing so will prevent acceptance of the transcript as official, and a transfer credit evaluation will not be completed.


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