的 Office of 评估及认可 maintains the SSU 评估 Resource SharePoint site which houses assessment plan and report templates and examples of learning outcomes, 评估准则, 以及评估计划. 在SharePoint网站上, you can also view recordings of assessment workshops and find resources specifically for co-curricular professionals. 联系 Dr. 马克•斯科特 for access to the SSU 评估 Resource SharePoint site.

In addition to the SSU 评估 Resource SharePoint site, 以下是一些有用的评估资源:

  • SSU’s 评估 Fellows. 的 评估 Fellows program provides peer support for SSU faculty and co-curricular professionals for any stage of the assessment process: whether you’re starting an assessment process from scratch or overhauling an existing plan. 博士联系. 马克•斯科特 for more information or reach out to the assessment fellow in your area:
    • Dr. 托马斯彩旗. Dr. Bunting is a faculty member in the 社会科学 Department and is the 评估 Fellow for the 文理学院.
    • Chuck Davis教授. 戴维斯教授是Fine的教员, 数字, and 表演艺术 Department and is the 评估 Fellow for the General Education Program.
    • Dr. 阿曼达·亨德里克. Dr. Hedrick is the Director of Campus 合作伙伴关系 and is the 评估 Fellow for Co-Curricular 编程.
    • Professor Sheena Shifko. Professor Shifko is a faculty member in the 联合健康科学 Department and is the 评估 Fellow for the 专业进修学院.
  • 的 教师 评估及认可 Committee also assists faculty by providing feedback on learning outcomes, 评估计划, 课程地图. 的 committee regularly provides feedback on 评估计划 in the year programs undergo program review, but it can also provide feedback on 评估计划 in development. 联系 Dr. 查尔斯·坎普, the current chair of the 教师 评估及认可 Committee, if you have any questions.
  • Barbara Walvoord’s (2010) 评估 Plain and Simple. A copy of the most recent edition is available for checkout in the 克拉克纪念图书馆 and copies have also been shared with all department chairs.
  • Linda Suskie’s (2018) Assessing Student Learning: A Common Sense Guide. A copy of this text is also available for checkout in the Clark Memorial library.
  • 价值准则. 的 Association of American Colleges and Universities developed a series of 评估准则 for learning across the curriculum. 的se are particularly helpful for General Education assessment.
  • 的 University of Hawai’i at Mānoa’s 评估 and 课程 development office developed a list of common misconceptions and realities about assessment.
  • Association for the 评估 of Learning in Higher Education (AALHE). 的 AALHE website provides a number of helpful resources for co-curricular, 学术, 通识教育评估, and it also houses useful assessment scholarship and includes information about AALHE’s annual conference.
  • National Institute for 学习成果 评估 (NILOA). 的 NILOA website features useful articles and reports for people developing assessment processes for the first time and for faculty and staff familiar with assessment. 的 “评估 in Practice” 文章特别有用.